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Kathryn Barbier

Board Member

M. Kathryn Barbier, Distinguished Visiting Professor, United States Air Force Academy (2021-
2022) is a professor of History at Mississippi State University. She is a scholar of the Second
World War with a particular focus on the Normandy invasion, deception, and double agents. Her
first book, D-Day Deception: Operation Fortitude and the Normandy Invasion, was published in
2007. Her most recent publication, Spies, Lies, and Citizenship: The Hunt for Nazi Criminals
(2017), focused on the efforts of the Office of Special Investigations, Department of Justice,
investigate potential Nazi criminals who lived in, or passed through, the United States. Her
current research is on a WWII female double agent, whose work, while short, contributed to
Operation Fortitude, the deception plan cover for the Normandy invasion. In addition to teaching
undergraduate and graduate students and publishing her research, she has presented her scholarly
work at numerous conferences. Dr. Barbier is also a member of the Society of Military History’s
Board of Trustees, co-director of the Second World War Research Group, North America
(SWWRG, NA), co-editor of War in History, and co-series editor of a six-volume Cultural
History of War.

PhD. Professor, Mississippi State University.


Kathryn Barbier
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