Women’s Intelligence Network (WIN)

Who we are

The Women’s Intelligence Network (WIN) connects, supports, and promotes female scholars
who work in the field of Intelligence Studies. WIN is hosted in Europe and the UK by the King’s
Intelligence Studies Group (KISG) and in North America by the North American Society for
Intelligence History (NASIH).


The overall goal is to get more research by and on women promoted, supported, and elevated in the field of Intelligence Studies



Membership is free, and the network welcomes people of all gender identities and sexual
orientations as members. If you are interested in becoming a member of WIN, you can send an email with your current position and research interests to womenintelnetwork@gmail.com.


What we do

WIN organises brown-bag lunches with one of three overall themes:

 female scholar presenters,
 gender and intelligence research topics,
 topics centring on problems faced by women in their professional advancement.


WIN awards the annual Polly Corrigan Prize for the best publication in Intelligence Studies by
a female author.

WIN runs a (wo)mentoring programme for emerging female scholars. It aims specifically to
support PhD students and early career researchers in the critical moments after finishing the
PhD. If you are interested in participating in the programme – either as mentor or mentee –
please get in touch (email to: womenintelnetwork@gmail.com).

WIN meets regularly at conferences, such as at the annual conventions of NASIH, ISA, and
others. At these meetings emerging and established scholars come together informally to
network and share information on relevant conferences, research initiatives, and fellowships. 


WIN also publishes gender-inclusive syllabi in Intelligence Studies.

During a time when there is still a strong gender imbalance within the field of Intelligence
Studies, WIN hopes to bring research by and on women to greater prominence within the field and the larger scholarly community.

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(From left to right: Dr. Aviva Guttmann, Melanie Brand, Dr. Claudia Hillebrand, Dr. Claire Hubbard-Hall, Dr. Hager Ben Jaffel,
Dr. Kristie Macrakis, Dr. Kathryn Olmsted, Dr. Michael S. Goodman, Dr. Sarah-Jane Corke)

WIN Board