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Why start NASIH?
Hear from our co-founders:

"We saw a real need for an organization for intelligence historians. The number of scholars in the field had grown dramatically and they really did not have a home. There were a few organizations in Europe, and one in Canada, but it focused primarily on contemporary intelligence problems. ISA also had the intelligence studies section, SHAFR and SMH had also always offered a home for intelligence scholars, but we believed there was a number of people who were falling between the cracks. I also believed that we needed a platform to advocate for intelligence history and to highlight the need for the declassification of documents. Without documents there will be no intelligence history."

- Sarah-Jane Corke

"Sarah-Jane Corke and I started NASIH in order to have a scholarly society specifically for intelligence historians. Many intelligence historians had no society that met their needs and some broad scholarly associations had communities of intelligence historians within them.  However, we wanted a place devoted to this specific field where all of these scholars--who might not otherwise have met each other--could come together and exchange ideas."

- Mark Stout

Significant NASIH Moments
Follow NASIH's inspiring journey and celebrate our achievements

2022: First Virtual Conference; initiated Grad Writing Group

2020: Initiated Silent Game Book Club, Soviet Intelligence Research Group

2019: First Conference; initiated Brown Bags

2017: First Newsletter

2016: Sarah-Jane Corke and Mark Stout form NASIH

Former Board Members

  • Sarah-Jane Corke

  • John Ferris

  • Kathy Olmsted

  • Nick Reynolds

  • Maria Robson

  • David Sherman

  • Mark Stout

  • Calder Walton

  • Hugh Wilford

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