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Calder Walton


Calder Walton is Director Research of Harvard Kennedy School's Intelligence Project, where he is also Assistant Director of the Belfer Center's Applied History Project. He is currently undertaking two major research projects: first, he is completing a book about British, US, and Soviet intelligence in the Cold War. In addition, Calder is general editor of the multi-volume Cambridge History of Espionage and Intelligence to be published by Cambridge University Press in 2022. Over three volumes, with 90 chapters by leading scholars, this project will be a landmark study of intelligence, exploring its use and abuse in statecraft and warfare from the ancient world to the present day. Calder has published widely on the history of intelligence and international relations, and frequently speaks at universities, think-tanks, and government agencies on both sides of the Atlantic. His work has also appeared in leading print and broadcast media, such as Foreign Policy and War on the Rocks.


Calder Walton
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