The North American Society for Intelligence History (NASIH) was formed in the summer of 2016 by Sarah-Jane Corke and Mark Stout. Our goal was to encourage and support the study of intelligence history in Canada and the United States and to highlight the accomplishment of those in our field. However, membership is open to anyone interested in the historical study of intelligence anywhere in the world. Membership is free. If you are interested in joining NASIH please hit the membership tab above.


NASIH held its first conference in October of 2019 at the International Spy Museum in Washington, DC. The conference featured 39 papers on a wide range of topics. Over 160 scholars, practitioners and members of the general public attended the conference. We viewed it as a great success.

In addition to our scholarly conferences, we run regular virtual brown bags on intelligence history, send updates and useful information to our members, and run a Twitter account. Please do not hesitate to follow us @SocIntelHist.

NASIH 2022 Conference

Dear Members: Due to a dramatic rise of COVID-19 cases in Calgary and the high potential for continued difficulties with travel to the region for an indefinite period, we have decided to shift our July 2022 conference to be held entirely online. While we all prefer meeting in person, pivoting to a virtual conference ensures safety and may ease the burden of participating for those facing travel and funding restrictions in the wake of the pandemic. 


If you are planning to submit a paper please email it to nasihconference@gmail.com.

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