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Formerly known as the North American Society for Intelligence History (NASIH), the Society for Intelligence History (SIH) is a membership organization for scholars who focus on intelligence history, who are an increasingly large group but who do not fit neatly into other historical subfields and thus need a dedicated organization for their field. We meet that need, providing programs and conferences for academics and practitioners to meet each other and discuss the field’s current trends, their ongoing research and findings, and projected future models of study. Our deliverables are reliable and effective methods for engagement that stimulate historical conversations about intelligence.

The Society for Intelligence History (SIH) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit registered in the state of Virginia.


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Selected Events & Programs
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We host frequent virtual presentations providing intelligence historians a venue to discuss their work. They take the form of talks on upcoming projects, unpublished work, and published articles or books. 

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We are a leading forum for the advancement of intelligence history and intelligence studies in North America and beyond. Our annual conference provides a setting for exchange between intelligence scholars, practitioners, and students from around the world.

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We encourage the development of junior scholars. We offer a free year-long writing accountability workshop for PhD candidates who are preparing their first or second articles.

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Membership in SIH is open to anyone interested in the scholarly pursuit of intelligence history.

The Society asks members to pay an annual fee to cover the basic costs of maintaining the organization and running our programs. A portion of membership fees goes to support student members.

Note: You must FIRST register an account with our website and be logged in to purchase a membership. Click the top-right button at the top of this page, "Log In Here", to register.

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