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Brown Bags


The Society runs frequent virtual brown bags on Zoom to provide intelligence historians a venue to discuss their work. Presentations can take the form of talks on upcoming projects, unpublished work, published articles or published books. 

All brown bags take place on Tuesdays, 12:00 – 1:00 PM Eastern.


Registration for brown bags is through Eventbrite. Links to registration pages can be found here, on our Twitter feed, by searching Eventbrite, on our Twitter feed, and in emails sent to members.

To suggest a topic for a brown bag please email Jeffrey Rogg at

The last Tuesday of every month is reserved for meetings of the Silent Game Book Club, which is devoted to the scholarly discussion of spy fiction. For more information see the link on the website or email

Our schedule also includes brown bags offered by the Women’s Intelligence Network (WIN). To register to attend a WIN Brown Bag, email

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Below are links to register for our Fall lineup of Intelligence History Brown Bags. Those who have paid for NASIH membership will receive by email a 100% discount promo code for each event but must still register via Eventbrite and the links below. I.e., if you wish to become a NASIH member, please do so before registering for a Brown Bag. Additionally, for the time being, free access to a Tuesday Brown Bag cannot be guaranteed for anyone who pays their membership between the Monday night before and the launch of the event the next day. The registration fee for non-members is $5 for each session. Brown Bag registration fees are not contributable towards membership.


Fall 2022 Schedule

Tuesday, September 13, noon to 1PM Eastern: Daniel M. German, “An Overview of the Holdings of Security and Intelligence Records at Library and Archives Canada.” Daniel German is Senior Archivist at Library and Archives Canada, responsible for the Security/Intelligence Portfolio in the Government Archives Division. Chair: Dr. Timothy Sayle REGISTER HERE.

Tuesday, September 20, noon to 1PM Eastern: Dr. Andrés De Castro, “Portuguese intelligence under Salazar's Estado Novo.” Dr. Andrés de Castro is an Assistant Professor of International Relations at the Department of Politics and Government at UNED university in Madrid. REGISTER HERE.

Tuesday, October 4, noon to 1PM Eastern: Dr. Ryan Booth, “Hidden in Plain Sight: The US Indian Scouts, 1866-1947.” Dr. Booth is a postdoctoral fellow at Washington State University in Pullman, WA. This talk is based on his dissertation, “Crossed Arrows: The US Indian Scouts, 1866-1947.” Chair: Dr. Mark Stout. REGISTER HERE.

Tuesday, October 11, noon to 1PM Eastern: Dr. Ariane Knüsel, “‘Tell the Consul-General, I can give you everything that is interesting’: China’s Use of Switzerland as an Intelligence Hub in the Cold War.” Dr. Knüsel is Privatdozentin (habilitation) and external scientific collaborator at University of Fribourg, and associate researcher at Diplomatic Documents of Switzerland ( and the Europainstitute, University of Basel. This talk draws on her book, China’s European Headquarters: Switzerland and China during the Cold War (Cambridge University Press, 2022). REGISTER HERE.

Tuesday, November 8, noon to 1PM Eastern: Cameron Givens: “Entwining Histories of Intelligence and White Supremacy: A First World War Example.” Cameron Givens is a Ph.D. candidate at The Ohio State University. Chair: Dr. Jeffrey Rogg. REGISTER HERE.


Tuesday November 15, noon to 1PM Eastern: Dr. James Lockhart and Dr. Micah Robbins, “John le Carré’s Southern Turn: British Intelligence and Degenerative Satire in Post-Cold War Latin America and Africa.” James Lockhart is is Associate Professor of Defense and Security Studies at Rabdan Academy/Zayed Military University, in Abu Dhabi. Micah Robbins is Assistant Professor of English at the American University in Dubai. REGISTER HERE.

Tuesday, December 6, noon to 1PM Eastern: Dr. Cris Matei, “Not-So-Secret Secret Police: Yugoslavia’s Intelligence Apparatus.” Dr. Matei is a lecturer at the Naval Postgraduate School. REGISTER HERE.

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