NASIH Virtual Brown Bags

The Society runs frequent virtual brown bags on Zoom to provide intelligence historians a venue to discuss their work. Presentations can take the form of talks on upcoming projects, unpublished work, published articles or published books. 

All brown bags take place on Tuesdays, 12:00 – 1:00 PM Eastern.


Registration for brown bags is through Eventbrite. Links to registration pages can be found here, on our Twitter feed, by searching Eventbrite, on our Twitter feed, and in emails sent to members.

To suggest a topic for a brown bag please email Mark Stout at

The last Tuesday of every month is reserved for meetings of the Silent Game Book Club, which is devoted to the scholarly discussion of spy fiction. For more information see the link on the website or email

Our schedule also includes brown bags offered by the Women’s Intelligence Network (WIN). To register to attend a WIN Brown Bag, email

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August 24, 2021, Brian Masaru Hayashi, Ph.D., “Race Matters But Not in the Way You Might Think: The OSS and its Asian-American Agents during World War II.” This talk will draw on Dr. Hayashi’s new book, Asian American Spies: How Asian Americans Helped Win the Allied Victory. Dr. Hayahsi is a professor in the Department of History at Kent State University. REGISTER NOW

August 31, 2021 Silent Game Book Club

September 1 WIN Brown Bag TBA

September 7, 2021, Isabel Campbell, Ph.D., “A Tale of Submarine Sightings, Intelligence-sharing and a Golden Goose.” Isabel Campbell is a senior historian at the Directorate of History and Heritage National Defence Headquarters, Ottawa Ontario. REGISTER NOW

September 21, 2021, Wesley Wark, Ph.D., “The Canadian Intelligence System and Global Pandemics.” Dr. Wark is a visiting professor, Center on Public Management and Policy, University of Ottawa. Chair: Calder Walton. REGISTER NOW

September 28, 2021 Silent Game Book Club

October 5, Jess Shahan, Ph.D., “’Don't Keep Mum:’ The Significance of Women Intelligence Professionals' Voices and Recollections.” Dr. Shahan is a Teaching Fellow in International Relations at the University of Leicester. REGISTER NOW

October 19, Alexandra Sukalo, Ph.D., "“The Soviet Political Police: Establishment, Training, and Operations in the Soviet Republics, 1918–1953."  Dr. Sukalo won the Bobby R. Inman Award for excellence in student scholarship on topics related to intelligence and national security for her doctoral dissertation on this topic. REGISTER NOW

October 26, 2021 Silent Game Book Club

November 2, 2021, John Prados, “Vietnam Nightmare: The CIA's Tet Offensive.” John Prados is a Senior Fellow at the National Security Archive. REGISTER NOW

November 3, 2021 WIN Brown Bag 

November 9, 2021, Regina Kazyulina, Ph.D. “Temptress or Spy? An Analysis of Soviet Anxieties about Women on German Occupied Territory.” REGISTER NOW

November 30, 2021 Silent Game Book Club

December 1, 2021 WIN Brown Bag 

December 28, 2021 Silent Game Book Club

January 5, 2022, Aaron Bateman, “Intelligence and Alliance Politics: America, Britain, and the Strategic Defense Initiative.” Aaron Bateman is pursuing a Ph.D. at the Johns Hopkins University.

January 11, 2022, Helen Fry, “MI9.” Her paper is based on her new book, MI9: A History of the Secret Service for Escape and Evasion in World War Two. Helen Fry is an independent scholar and an Ambassador for the Museum of Military Intelligence. Chair: Calder Walton

January 25, 2022 Silent Game Book Club

February 15, 2022, Nancy Greenspan, "Atomic Spy: The Dark Lives of Klaus Fuchs." This talk will be based on the book of the same name. Chair: Dr. Vince Houghton

February 22nd Silent Game Book Club 

March 2, 2022 WIN Brown Bag

March 15, 2022, Hugh Wilford, Ph.D. “Covert Empire: The CIA and American Power in the Cold War World.” Dr. Wilford is professor of history at California State University,
Long Beach. Chair: Sarah-Jane Corke

March 29, 2022, Silent Game Brown Bag

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