NASIH ABD Graduate Student Writing Workshop


Are you a Ph.D. Student writing intelligence history? Have you finished your comprehensive exams? Are you looking to get your first or second article published? Do you need some structure around your writing program? Would you like to connect with other graduate students working in the same area?

Beginning in January 2022 NASIH will initiate a Graduate Student Writing Workshop. It is designed to accomplish six goals:

  1. Offer a writing accountability platform.

  2. Provide a small, friendly group where you can present a first draft of an article in a collegial setting.

  3. This will lead to the presentation of your article at a NASIH brown bag with a leading scholar in your field chairing the session.

  4. Once you have incorporated any revisions from the brown bag we will provide a review of your work by two editors from the leading journals in the field of Intelligence Studies.

  5. We will then provide additional guidance on which journal you should submit your work to.

  6. Finally we will walk you through the publishing and peer-review process.

Space is limited. Registration is on a first come first serve basis.


Please send your CV to Dr Sarah-Jane Corke

Open to all ABD PhD students regardless of location. The working language of the group will be English